Air Force
Sustainment Center

Why Work Here


AFSC employees are critical to many parts of a well-made mission. No matter if you work on the shop floor, in a hangar at a logistics complex or from a desktop – mission success is in your hands. By sustaining the Air Force’s critical systems, you have the opportunity to protect our nation and make an impact now and into the future.

High-stakes Immediacy.

Your job is to work your way through a crucial challenge where time is of the essence – and often times the work you do could be the difference between life and death. You will have the ability to apply your high-level skills to find the most efficient and cost-effective solutions that will extend the life and capabilities of major aircraft and their systems.

Critical Challenge. Exciting Experience.

From maintenance to modernization, your work sustaining, modifying and upgrading current systems to meet new mission requirements and capabilities are critical to saving lives, protecting the nation and keeping the warfighter flying. Well-made missions start with you - and end with you - because you are an essential link who is ready for anything.

A Learning Organization.

As the backbone of military force and technology, AFSC must have a work force that is adept in the latest tools and technologies. That is why we aim to enhance the value of our employees through professional development and continuous learning including in-house training programs.

Many of our employees take advantage of Air Force tuition assistance to help obtain a master’s degree and become more valuable assets to our mission. We are here to help you advance your skills for the protection of our nation and the longevity of your career

Join AFSC.

At this critical period in our nation’s history, you’re invited to join the team of experts who use their creativity and problem-solving skills every day to keep our warfighters out of harm’s way. If you’re ready for the challenge, learn more about our civilian career opportunities.